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Jaktgal med Arild Dahl

Jaktgal med Arild Dahl

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Arild Dahl shot his first ptarmigan at the age of 10. Few have hunted more than Arild, and in this film, you get a glimpse into his world of hunting. Arild starts his autumn season in Sweden with capercaillie hunting. Several capercaillies end up in the bag despite 2009 not being a good year for forest birds. Eventually, the journey takes him to the Swedish mountains where Arild has a fantastic ptarmigan hunt with lots of action. The journey continues to Almdalen, where Arild has been hunting ptarmigan since he was a boy.

The film ends on Iceland where Arild makes his debut as a goose hunter. Here you get to see a fantastic goose hunt with many shots and a lot of action. Finally, Arild heads to the mountains where he will hunt Icelandic ptarmigan with Gordon setters and pointers. Here you will see many exciting situations where you can see the ptarmigan on the ground in front of the dog, pumping adrenaline at high pressure.

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